The IEDR today announced relaxation of the rules for registering personal dot-ie domain names for individuals. This means you can now register YourName.IE for approx 25 Euro per anum. Furthermore, most combinations of your first, middle and surname are acceptable.

An applicant named ‘John Paul Smith’ can register the following alternatives: [first name / surname] [first name / middlename / surname] [first name / hyphen / surname] [first name / hyphen / middlename / hyphen / surname] [first name / middle initial / surname] [first name / hyphen / middle initial / hyphen / surname] [first initial / surname] [first initial / middle initial / surname] [first initial / middle initial / hyphen / surname] [first initial / hyphen / surname] [first initial / hyphen / middle initial / hyphen / surname] [middle name / surname] [middle name / hyphen / surname] [middle initial / surname] [middle initial / hyphen / surname]

You should contact your preferred hosting, web services company or the IEDR directly for further details.

Update (Sept 13th 2007): The IEDR press release is now online 

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  1. Éámonn Ó Méalóid says:

    Fantastic!!! News!!

    Maith thú!!!! / sibh!!

    Coinnigh / í Ort!

    Mise le meas,


    P.S. Any and all pointers on registering some domain names would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to use the Billy Connolly (Dublin airport) joke, as a defense, if the need be necessary. Tóg é go bóg é. Mlmmm, É.

  2. Allan Barker says:

    Fantastic. Caould you register That would have to be one of the shortest domain names going.

  3. peter says:

    @Allan – The .IE domain is supposed to be more regulated than .com, etc and you’d need a legit reason to register that. Best thing to do is ask the who regulate the .IE domain name registration over here in Ireland.

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