Word Press 2.5

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 for my design blog. The only bugs I can find at the moment are the SIFR titles on blogs which are now 1/3 the size. Otherwise, it’s been a remarkably smooth experience. The hosting control panel actually handled everything so finger’s crossed that nothing came undone in the upgrade.

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Peter Knight is Creative Director and Manager of Eden Web Design Studios.
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2 Responses to Word Press 2.5

  1. Anthony C says:

    Another nifty addition in 2.5 is Gravatar support. However simply selecting the option does not really do much. You need to do a quick code hack to the comments loop where you want the Gravatar to show up:

    Not earth shattering but still nice to know 😛

  2. tiki says:

    Hy there!

    Have you noticed, that the sIFR Titles (both Post-Titles, and Blog-Title) are not working as links anymore? I’m usinf OS X, with Safari and Firefox – Links don’t work on both browsers … that’s the reason I gave up on sIFR for now

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