The many roles of a corporate web site

Have started working with an exciting new(ish) hi-tech company who are seeking level 2 funding and need their homepage and web site redesigned for a VC round which will take place in the US over the coming weeks.

Overhauling a companies web site for a Venture Capital audience is a common occurrence for hi-tech companies as they move from

  • Stealth-mode (owner invested/managed)
  • Level 1 funding (employing first staff members, improving marketing collateral, establishing credibility etc)
  • Level 2 (ramping up product(s) offering, hiring key management, marketing to customers)

What isn’t so predictable during the lifecyle of a company web site is the scope of audience a site may need to cater for outside the usual sales/marketing customer net.


  • I’ve recently started design work for one of Ireland’s largest landscape architectural firms whose sole target audience are potential employees.
  • A long term customer of EdenWeb in the UK had some great feedback on their web site from their Board at the end of the year. The Boards approval is vital.
  • An Irish client secured Level 2 funding from their VCs last year. The VCs said the strength of the client’s web site was was a major factor in determining the level of funding provided.
  • A US hi-tech company who rolled out a large marketing campaign for their Partners received a lot of praise for the professionalism of the landing page I designed and their email newsletter too.

I’ll be developing this post over the coming weeks so keep any eye on the blog for more updates.

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Peter Knight is Creative Director and Manager of Eden Web Design Studios.
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