Personas and Scenarios for better web sites

EdenWeb met a client recently that expressed an interest in redevloping their web site. It’s a fairly large corporate web site and these guys are industry leaders with a name that is internationally recognised. In light of this, the focus of our efforts would not necessarily be to educate people that they exist, but rather, to get a better picture of the type of people that are using their site. When we have a more thorough understanding of the WHO (type of people using their site) and an expanded view of the WHY (what these people require from the web site) then we can end up with a web site that is

  • easier to use
  • meets user requirements more effectively
  • increases the repeat visitors
    etc etc

If we fail to get a better understanding of the type of visitors the site has and the requirements these users have then redeveloping the site would simply be an ‘event’ – an exercise that has happened for no real purpose. The client might end of with a nicer site but not necessarily a better site.

If you’re interested in reading more, then the guys at iQ Content have added great article called
How personas and scenarios can change your website for the better.

Happy reading.

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