Ouch – Irish hosting company slags off Web Designers

I don’t white-label and resell any hosting plans or pretend I have my own data centre etc. Clients are better served by dealing directly with reliable hosting companies (I use both Blacknight and Hosting365) or commissioning us to source their hosting requirements for them. I imagine that a significant percentage of all hosting sold by a hosting company comes from Web Designers. Some clients might be resellers of their services or others (like EdenWeb) will simply point a client in the right direction. Hosting companies would also get a number of clients asking if they know a good web designer and so, it’s not hard to see why designers and hosts should work together and strive to improve a mutual industry and relationship both depend upon.

Or so you’d think!

Today I was running through some old copies of the Sunday Business papers and came across an advert I’d forgotten about.

I won’t credit the hosting company with a link to their site (it’s not Blacknight or H365) but they’re basically crediting half their development and programming upon patchy work by people calling themselves ‘web designers’ who don’t know what they’re doing.

I still can’t believe these guys are slagging off and alienating web designers like this with a print run over several weeks.

PS…The ironic thing is that their own site (which has a Reseller scheme aimed at Web Designers) looks like a cheap template, has almost zero Search Engine Optimisation and is almost invisible in the major search engines. I’d spend less time slagging off designers and more time working with them.

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