Mike Butcher over at VecoSys is building a list of the Top 100 people lost to the Valley so far. Currently there is no one listed under Ireland while the UK has listed

Ben Metcalfe, ex-BBC, now in San Fancisco
Tom Coates, Yahoo! (re-locating to the US soon)
Yoz Grahame
Pete Flint, Trulia.com
Cal Henderson, Flickr.com
Kulveer Taggar, Boso.com (won Y Combinator funding)
Harjeet Taggar, Boso.com (won Y Combinator funding)

Bob Goodson, Yelp.com
Kirill Makharinsky, Slide.com

Keith Teare, Edgeio (SV ex-pat veteran)
Michael Birch, Bebo (SV ex-pat veteran)

I can’t think of any Irish right now who left for the Valley. Maybe it was a bit before my time. Maybe our confidence has grown about Ireland’s ability to compete in the international High-tech sector (IONA, Cape Clear, Cognotec, Curam Software, CR2 etc etc). Maybe I just need more coffee. But given the current levels of high-tech entrepreneurial activity in Ireland and the number of ex-pats returning to our shores, I think a more interesting read would be a definitive list of entrepreneurs in residence. Is there such a list?

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  1. Very good question Peter. I’m not aware of any list myself but maybe Enterprise Ireland could point us in the right direction.

    I did start a Frappr map some time back to which a number of Irish startups added themselves but after I had problems with Frappr I had to remove it. Your post though has reminded me about it and having checked Frappr again this morning I can see that they’ve made a number of improvements to the widget so I’m sticking it back on for the moment, in my left hand sidebar.

  2. Mike Butcher says:

    Let me know if you have any suggestions we can add to the list, but I think you are right – things in Ireland are seem to going well enough to make the SV lure less enticing… maybe… But then, given the choice I’d probably stay in Ireland myself, and that over London or Silicon Valley!

  3. Peter Knight says:

    Hi Mike and James. Will do. Actually, I’ve mailed a few of the Entrepreneurs (UK and Irish) that I work with and will list any escapees I come across :O)

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  5. Diane Roberts says:

    Well the Irish have made an impact…

    http://www.mmetrics.Com – Seamus Mc Ateer is the founder.

    Palm – John Hartnett is the No 2

    http://www.3leafnetworks.com – Bob Quinn is the CEO and founder

    http://www.macrovision.com – John Ryan was founder and now Chairman…

    In fact we have many many examples… contact me and I will discuss how we can add to your list

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