Happy Birthday EdenWeb

I actually have no idea as to the exact date I started working for myself but right around around now it’s the beginning of my sixth year in business. So Happy Birthday EdenWeb. I work by myself with only one part-time employee so you’ll have to forgive the bloggy monologue (monoblog?) :O)

Happy Birthday to meeeeee...

It all happened pretty quickly. From writing a few letters to local businesses one snowy December to getting my first clients in January and being taken on a whirlwind thats been amazing, a blur and always a leap of faith.

Initially I just wanted to leave my job as web designer in Ireland On-Line and take some time off and head to Falcon Ridge Folk Festival to see some of my favourite musicians play guitar in a field in upstate New York. It was sitting there on the side of a hill watching my sandals tatoo strappy patterns onto my feet in the 90° plus sunshine that it occoured to me to start my own business. Maybe it was the pioneering spirit of the singer songwriter – the thrill of everyday being an adventure, of trusting the universe and the man upstairs etc etc (yes, i am a closet hippy), of never knowing whats around the corner but being completeley responsible for your own ‘luck’ that attracted me to being a small design studio.

Anywho the point is it’s Oscar week and everyone should be a little more grateful in their lives so here’s my thanks-fest to everyone who has made this possible…

In order of appearance

  • My folks and family and friends
  • Ciaran Coleman, Barry Flannigan, Karina and the IOL web team.
  • Anthony Behan
  • Emma Haller and Les Kenny of iBi (Internet Business Ireland)
  • Gavin Henderick, Jonathan Cummins and Mary Mangan (ex Buy and Sell.net)
  • Colin Newman of Cape Clear – you have NO idea how much you did for me.
  • Helen Kenny of AEP
  • Gary ZukavBeautiful man. Beautiful message. Go read and have a beautiful life.
  • Rachum
  • Kosten and Richard Muirhead and Charlotte
  • Charlie Muirhead and Sarah Woods
  • Morgan McK and Paul Fitz
  • Philip Drury

Good night. Thank you. I love you all. I owe you all pints*.

Weltenberger Kloster

*Actual pints illustrated may be different than pints received

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Peter Knight is Creative Director and Manager of Eden Web Design Studios.
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  1. Helen says:

    Wow, I’m flattered .Not exactly sure what I did, but thank you anyway.

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