Contract/Freelance Web Interface Designer with

Big thanks for Fergus for the tip off here. This looks like a great opportunity for a designer who wants to work with Ireland’s best Property Portal. are looking for a talented GUI/interface guy or gal on a contract basis and working remotely also looks possible. If work at EdenWeb wasn’t so busy with current clients and we were looking to expland, I’d be calling DAFT right now!

Click the screenshot for full details.

Contract/Freelance Web Interface Designer

Contract/Freelance Web Interface Designer

Conicidentally, I worked with Eamonn in a Software company just before he left to head up DAFT. I was creating icons and GUI designs for his Engineering team at the time and can confirm that you will be dealing with some very talented people who know their interface design!¬† Now that he is managing DAFT, I’m not sure you’ll be dealing with Eamonn himself but I’m certain there will be a keen eye cast on any GUI developments. I’ve always maintained that one of the reason the DAFT web site was streets ahead of other Irish property portals was it’s clean front-end design and usability. With a founder who has a background in Software Engineering and a familiarity with GUI design, I think DAFT’s website¬† has benefitted right from the start.

Anyway, good luck if you apply. It looks like a great gig to have on the books.

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