Christmas eCard for Financial Recruitment Firm

Here’s an animated eCard by EdenWeb that is currently being used by Dublin Financial Recruitment Firm, CFW.

Click the envelope below to lauch the Flash version of the eCard.

CFW eCard

The original artwork was created in Adobe FireWorks and then animated in Flash to create the final piece. Most of the work was put into the intro animation with Mr.Claus gliding across the skies over to the big smoke.

I spent a lot longer that anticipated getting that effect just right (about 8 hours!) but it was worth it to ensure the effect was believable. The stars, mountains and moon had to scroll by on a seperate, slower layer than the trees and snow as they were distant objects and had their own timeline etc. I had visions of that Fr.Ted scene with Fr.Ted explaining to Dougal ‘These cows are SMALL, those cows are f…a…r a…w..a..yyyyy” :O)
I’d like to go into more detail on the marketing, distribution and conversion rates but they are still evolving as we tweak the cards and probably best kept just between my client and I :O)

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Peter Knight is Creative Director and Manager of Eden Web Design Studios.
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3 Responses to Christmas eCard for Financial Recruitment Firm

  1. Very nicely done 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Nice work Pete. Very warm and festive. I’m sure CFW were pleased. Now we will all expect an Edenweb e – card for Christmas.

  3. Lar Veale says:

    Nice action, Peter.

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