Better software licensing

Buying legit software can be expensive but it’s worth it. Choosing which software vendor you’re going to run with can be even more expensive if the product or support turns out to be crap. I don’t always buy from the big guys either. It’s good to give the smaller independent teams a chance. You know; the guys for whom software is still a passion, the guys who are on their own support forums and will personally respond with a ‘thanks’ when you purchase an upgrade.

Yesterday I got a nice email from the developers of some software we use in our Virtual Tours services. Not only was a new edition available but it was a free upgrade (worth over 200 Euro) to us for being long-term customers. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I noticed they’d also extended their licensing to allow one user license to cover a desktop AND a laptop computer. Now thats why I sometimes run with the smaller guys – more innovation too! And I did use their software on both my desktop and laptop and it was annoying that I had to have two separate licenses. Hopefully when these guys become the industry standard in Virtual Tour software they won’t become any less innovative and shockingly generous with their product.

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Peter Knight is Creative Director and Manager of Eden Web Design Studios.
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  1. Lar Veale says:

    Good to see you back after a two-month hiatus, Peter 😉

  2. Peter Knight says:

    Hi Lar :O)
    Moving house and office can very easily gobble up 2 months of your life like that. Now that EdenWeb HQ is firmly re-established, abnormal service shall resume shortly :O)

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