CSS Book


  • One Book on Advanced CSS Mastery by Andy Budd to further your Web Design Skills – €30.99
  • Postage and packing from Swords to Wicklow – €2.40
  • Getting the book delivered through Irish postal system – Worthless!

So here’s the brand new book I ordered on Web Standards earlier in the month. It came from Amazon to Dublin in perfect condition and was then repackaged and sent to the new office in Wicklow. Granted, the envelope was porbably a little on the thin side but add what seems to have been a large puddle and several foorptints and you get the book pictured above. Also missing were several other letters from my bank, my phone company and some VAT or Tax reciepts.

Since the original envelope was soaked and missing most of it’s back, the package was delivered in aplastic envelope with an An Post apology and phone number on the reverse. We called Customer Care. They didn’t care!

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7 Responses to CSS Book

  1. Matt says:

    “At An Post we want to deliver the highest standard of service. If you have not received the level of service expected, we would really appreciate you taking the time to let us know”

    Not in your case. Surly they’ll have to refund you? It’s like ordering a meal in a fancy restaurant and the waiter serving you your food with his hands. Hate to say it but is it time for Royal Mail to step in?

  2. Michele says:

    An Post have no understanding of customer service from what I’ve seen. Our postman is very good, but it seems to be totally dependent on who happens to have your round.

  3. peter says:

    Matt – they said there is no compensation for post damaged in transit.

    Michele – our postman is absolutely fine. He personally delivers all our mail even though we have an external postbox and he always stops and says hi. I’m more annoyed that this happened to a brand new book and the phone number they give is practically useless since they won’t compensate for something that happened in their care!

    Incidentally, my other letters which were missing made their way back to the original address in plastic An Post envelopes. They’re all completely soaked, semi-open and crumpled up. I took more photos just for the record.

  4. You are kidding right?

    They have no duty of care over the goods they deliver?

    Was it registered mail? Did you have to sign for it?

    The shame is that Amazon books are very well packaged and the repackage is what killed this one 🙁

    So who is responsible? Surely someone has to compensate you for your loss?

  5. maca says:

    Just ordered the same book via Amazon last week … hopefully it will arrive in better condition. I ordered another book on the 9th Dec, it was shipped the same day, still hasn’t turned up here yet, probably eaten by the An Post Gremlin.

  6. peter says:

    It’s a great book. Good luck with it Maca. Was it Amazon.co.uk you ordered from?

  7. A few weeks ago I left the power cord for my laptop in my parents house in Dublin. So my parents ‘Swift’ posted it to me first thing Saturday morning. I didn’t get it until the following Wednesday afternoon. I would have walked down the N7 to Limerick faster than that!

    Also when I had to post some books to the UK, I headed into Limerick’s GPO. I asked for some boxes to package the books. They didn’t sell any, they didn’t sell any bubble wrap or jiffy bags. They directed me to the local Centra, and told me to ask if they had any spare boxes….

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