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Last week I was pleasantly suprised to encounter some great marketing/sales ideas in the Lake District from 2 small businesses who were obviously very web-aware.

The first was a small interiors/furniture shop in Keswick. After casually browsing for several minutes it was time to leave. As we were passing the checkout the owner/manager thanked us for coming in and asked us if we’d like details of their web site. She pulled 2 business cards from a big bowl on the counter and wished us a good day.
Really nice touch there. So very obvious and effective yet I’ve actually never encountered this before. And yes I did visit her web site and it does have eCommerce facilities and now her ‘shop’ is open to me 24/7 as opposed to just walking out and possibly never being in that shop again. I’d love to see more retail outfits doing this.

The other business was a camping/outdoors shop. More about that later.

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Peter Knight is Creative Director and Manager of Eden Web Design Studios.
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