37 Singals intro Highrise


37Signals are introducing Highrise over on their corporate blog. They’re billing this as a shared contact manager that will allow you to
“keep track of who you talk to, what was said, and what to do next”.
I imagine that this is just the beginning of a fully fledged CRM tool from 37Signals and will eventually merge with their other popular SaaS apps to form some kind of BaseCamp/Highrise hybrid. This is pure speculation but some kind of hybrid CRM tool incorporating BaseCamp for web design teams would be a dream.

Early web worms can be notified of launch over at highrisehq.com

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Peter Knight is Creative Director and Manager of Eden Web Design Studios.
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2 Responses to 37 Singals intro Highrise

  1. I heard they were going to introduce a feature that would allow you to input your time estimates on parts of a project, and it would show you how much time you’ve got left based on your inputs to the time tracker….have you heard anything about this? And when it’s coming on? As the time nazi at Brightspark, I can’t wait for it!!

  2. peter says:

    Hi Mary
    I haven’t heard anything about this but I’ll keep an eye on the blog etc. Looking forward to any news about this crew!

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